Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Neighborhood Damage

I took this quick video while going to check on my house. My neighborhood fared pretty well except for one of the houses in the video.


Sano Family said...

Wow!!! What a lot of damage to the yards in your neighborhood!! What a blessing that your house, and all your many trees, are still standing!!!
It is hard to understand the emotional rollercoaster that this storm has brought to so many.
We are sooo glad you are all safe.
Love you so much,
Mom Sano

Em said...

I'm so glad you guys are safe and that your house and yard survived! Crazy what it did to some of your neighbors' houses...that's too bad.
So, was that me talking on the video or you? ;) ha ha...twin, I can't believe how much we sound alike. I played it for Jeremy (without seeing the screen) and told him to tell me if my voice sounds funny on a recording. Ha ha! He fell for it and thought it was me and said that my voice DID sound funny! ;) sorry ;) ha ha ha