Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'll get my power back!

Power was finally restored on day 8! We are still being nomads in Louisiana and dealing with the joys of dogs with diarrhea, no real option but to eat out, nothing to wear but dirty clothes, and weirdos around every corner of our hotel. Today we had a one sided conversation at breakfast with a man who had one tooth. After 5 minutes the only word I understood was 'street' or maybe it was 'sweet' or 'teeth.'
When it seems that I want to just plop down on the bed and cry, I remember that some don't have a home to go back to like I do. Beautiful areas are completely leveled and many have lost their livelihood. Some people don't have enough money to stay in a decent hotel or buy a nice meal. So I am just going to shut up and be grateful that I am with my little family and that we are safe and healthy.


Piper said...

oh sister!! so what is to become of keiths job?? are you to stay in houston??

Candice or Keith said...

Actually, this may be a good thing. It looks like Keith may fly out of La Port which is closer to home. Keith may be able to commute every day, so, huzzah to that.

Cruze Family said...

Candice you are very brave! I am so glad you guys are safe and I hope things work out with Keith's job. Good luck with the one toothed weirdos.