Friday, March 7, 2008


I have been amazed time and time again by the cleaning power of baking soda. I have been struggling getting our smooth cook top clean. I don't like using a razor to scrape off burnt bits, and the expensive junk made for cleaning cook tops doesn't work and it burns my hands. I use baking soda to clean out our coffee maker, so I decided to make a thick paste with a little water to clean the stove. I was nearly knocked off my feet when all it took was a little buffing to get everything sparkling clean.
I got a little Arm & Hammer happy and cleaned the grout in the tub with more paste and an old toothbrush. It looks like new!
Instead of buying Drano, I pour baking soda and coarse salt down the drain and chase it with some white vinegar. Rinse when it stops bubbling.
Use it as carpet powder, especially to get pet urine stink out.
Baking soda is also in the laundry soap I buy.
I love using it instead of chemicals. It's a great comfort with baby coming in just a few days! Try it, you'll like it!

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Em said...

I have a smooth cook top too, and sit and scrub like a mad man with a green sponge and cleaner...I will try the ol' baking powder next time I have burned, crusted spots that won't come off so easily! Sorry I missed your call the other day...I will try calling you tomorrow--unless you're in labor! : )ha ha