Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Politics Schmolitics

Keith here. Is it just me or is anyone else already tired of this election season? I have to go for McCain. I don't think I can trust him to be a solid conservative and I don't like his immigration ideas or that campaign financing bill he co-authored. That said, he is a shining star next to the other two morons and he's a genuine American hero with REAL experience.
I am so tired of Obama. He has become a left wing Messiah. If you criticize him in any way you are a racist. If you criticize Hillary you are a sexist. What a joke. What is funny is that when Obama's supporters are asked to name one accomplishment of his they can't think of a thing. I have heard two people say "he's an African American" as though skin color is an accomplishment. IDIOTS. At least he has crashed Hillary's coronation. She must hate him so bad. I wonder how this will effect the Dem party long term. Because blacks or women will be mad if their candidate gets cheated out of the nomination.
I am not very optimistic when I think of our country's future. The American people have become weak and narcissistic. I blame the baby boomer gimme gimme generation and the spread of socialists and anti-Americans that have overrun our media and schools. Welcome to the Age of Stupidity. Ugh! Sorry I just needed to ramble and vent.


Em said...

Keith, I love your rambling, and totally agree! Why couldn't people SEE that Mitt was the best choice??!! I will have to vote for McCain, bc Hilary is Hilary, and Obama is a freaking terrorist in hiding! :) ha ha ha

Em said...

PS...Keith, you write just the way you talk...I love it and this little post made Jeremy and me laugh our heads off!!!!

Blue Ribbon Family aka The Pabst's said...

Keith, I know you dont know me, but I completely agree with you. I am not looking forward to the next four years, and am worried of what is in store for us as a country. Here is to hope that we can muddle through and it wont destroy us.

Charity Smith said...

I know... We have to vote McCain (even though he is not our fave ever) because the alternatives = American socialism. Darn Obama. If I have to hear another "inspirational" speech, I may puke.