Friday, March 7, 2008

How obnoxious are you?

At the doctor's office today, I sat across from a couple and their toddler. The man kept going in and out of the office every two minutes, letting the 30 degree breeze in, LOUDLY chatting on his cell, while the woman taunted her child at every opportunity. This went on for a good 45 minutes, and I was grateful to be called back to a room. That is, until, the same couple was placed in the room next to me and I had to listen to the man's every word for a good 30 minutes. Do you people not have a built in censor that says: 'Hey, maybe you should shut up for JUST ONE MINUTE?' I swear, I have never been so annoyed, at least not in recent history. So please, people, take notice of how obnoxious you are in public.

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Em said...

BUG! I hate when people are so inconsiderate like that! I had an obnox girl in my sewing class the other night that made the class start late bc she was still buying supplies WHILE talking on her phone....she then had to borrow all of MY supplies cuz she "forgot" to get scissors and other items....double bug!