Friday, August 1, 2008


We had an evening very reminiscent of the great calamari hunt of '06. We are having friends over for a slow-smoked brisket tomorrow. We went to no less than 4 grocery stores looking for a good one. WalMart's was too big (we thought) Kroger's was a sickly brown color, HEB's was $30 and small, so we finally settled for Randall's. Keith was a regular Goldilocks looking for the perfect bed and porridge. We should have purchased the first one we saw, but why would we make it that easy on ourselves? I feel as if only Keith's family can truly appreciate this little tale of woe...Actually also reminds me of the great chicken tragedy of '03. It was Christmas Eve when Frank threw away Keith's chicken, and Keith spent all of Christmas morning looking for an open store, desperately searching the streets of Salt Lake to find a chicken to go inside his Turducken. Well, tonight was not so dramatic as all that, and the story has a happy ending.
No other people on this planet would go to so much trouble and heartache for a good meal besides the Sanos! Silly and delicious. And expensive!

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Em said...

So funny! I think my brother Darrell compares with the Sanos. He is called the "grill nazi" around here, and goes to WAY too much trouble to find the best of the best which always ends up being so expensive. At least it makes for a good meal! :)

Now I keep picturing Keith with golden curls on his head....thanks for the Goldilocks image.....:)