Saturday, August 2, 2008

Keith's Movie Minute

I am kind of a movie freak. I love a good flick, especially the lesser known or foreign films. I thought I'd start a movie suggestion thing every now and then on the blog. The movie I am going to recommend this time is "Everything is Illuminated" starring Elijah Wood. It is a comedy/drama about a young man traveling to the Ukraine in search of a woman who saved his grandfather in WW2. It is one of those indie/lesser known movies that you stumble on and love it so much that you want everyone you know to watch it. My parents, who rarely watch movies, liked it so much they watched it twice. Candice and I have seen it three times and I believe this is her current favorite movie. It's rated PG-13, I can't remember anything really objectionable, a little language perhaps. Very funny and meaningful show, well worth the rental fee or purchase price. Enjoy.


Piper said...

is this the movie with your vegetarian line??

Sano Family said...

Thank you for sharing your movie reviews. It would be a delightful "regular" feature on your blog. I think we need to buy "Illuminated" so I can watch it anytime I want.