Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Adios Edouard!

The BIG STORM has finally passed us. Actually, it was nothing more than a big ole rain storm. No big deal. We have had an incredibly lazy couple of days, which has been glorious. I have been reading Breaking Dawn as much as baby son has allowed and Keith has been playing around on the computer and breaking ceramic coffee mugs. Remi-boy is completely devoted to starting at Keith. He waits and waits until Keith glances over at him. Keith is rewarded with a toothless cherub grin. So so worth the wait. They also spend a lot of time fake-yelling at each other, which is one of my favorite sounds in the world.
A few random thoughts for the day:
I love my new peep toe heels.
Oddly enough, I love Keith's new flip flops even more.
We've been in various stages of cleaning the kitchen for 3 days.
I can't wait to take baby to Utah.
I hate the Air Wick commercials with the animated animals.
I love Keef.

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