Saturday, February 2, 2008

Responding to Bird Craze

Emily's 'Bird Craze' post got me thinking about these wall decals from Ferm-Living Not that any would work in my house, but I have loved these from the moment I saw them.


and Owl:


The Legers said...

Ahhh...twin, how cute are those?! IT was so much fun to talk to you the other day for a while...I miss you! I really wish you were here in UT...maybe in a few years...??? : ) Are you glad my saggy-skinned orange tanning lady isn't the first thing you see on my blog anymore? I HAD to find something to post about cuz it was buggin' me too! : ) Say hi to Keef and baby boy!

The Legers said...

PS: I love the name of the post.."RESPONDING to bird craze" ha ha ha