Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Today Keith and I celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. It has been a wild ride! From getting married in Vegas to moving across the country 3 times, I can honestly say I have enjoyed almost every moment with my sweetie!
A few highlights come to mind:
-Our first anniversary at the Alaskan Inn, getting forcibly blessed by a crazy old monk at Abbey of Our Lady of the Holy Trinity.
-Playing games with friends and family.
-The Lazy Husbands Club. While not so amusing at the time, I find it hilarious now!
-Keith finding his passion in flying helicopters.
-Christmas tree hunts at The Bear River Lodge.
-The General Store in Eden for Sunday lunch.
-Asian grocery stores in Salt Lake, Costa Mesa, and ghetto downtown Houston. Finding Pocky!
-Discovering Thai Siam.
-Driving from Brighton to Park City in the summer.
-The boat at Pineview, Bear Lake, Flaming Gorge, Jordanelle, and East Canyon.
-The Blue Boar Inn. Riding scooters, dinner in Park City, brunch with the innkeeper.
-Moving truck adventures.
-Learning how to cook, especially learning how to cook meat for Keith.
-Seeing the chapel we got married in 4 years later. Keith was horrified. can you say GHETTO?
-La Jolla, rain or shine, holding hands and drinking Starbucks. Dinner and homemade water at La Dolce Vita.
-Helicopter flights up the coast.
-Keith showing up with a ratty, stinky, pound dog that would become our Baxter!
-Fruit stands in Pueblo.
-Trips to the antique store and IKEA. Keith is such a trooper during the twice a year sale!
-Buying our first home.
-Ultrasounds! Esp the one where Keith found out he was getting his son.

I'm so excited for another 6+years. We are having so much fun. We honestly love each other's company and we are best friends. I can't wait to start our little family.
I love you, shmoo. Happy Anniversary!


The Legers said...

Oh..I love you two together...you are the perfect pair, and we miss you and all the fun times we've shared! What a great anniversary gift to be getting Remington!! : )

~Twin, don't be scared...once you have that epidural, it's really not so bad, and I don't even remember it anymore. Glad to hear that Remington is healthy, and big enough to safely be born at anytime!!!! Keep us posted!

Blue Ribbon Family aka The Pabst's said...

Congrats to you both! It is a true life changing event to be married, and it takes two dedicated people to make it work!

Kenny and Angie Scott said...

Congratulations, I can't believe you and Keith have been married six years. I have been thinking about you so much lately. You are like what 4 weeks away. I am so excited for you. I have your little one's present ready, I will try to send it this week. The last few weeks are seem like forever but once he's here the time flies. Good luck with everything.

Rachel said...

Lazy Husbands Club, where the laziest one wasn't even a husband! lol