Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No Time!

11 days and counting to Remington's debut! I have such a LOOONG list of things to do. I wish my mommy were here to help me. My only comfort is knowing that the nursery is ready and the dogs haven't peed on the baby bassinet...yet. Here are a few of the things I have to tackle in the next 11 days (minus two because of the last days of work)
~Mountains of laundry
~Freshen guest room for future helpers
~Plan/prepare a week of frozen meals
~Buy birthday presents for 5 people
~Pack hospital bag
~Clean the study
~Take dessert to neighbor having surgery
~Pay all March's bills so Keith won't worry his sexy shaved head
~Design baby announcement
Ugh! Just looking at this list makes me tired.


Em said...

You just settle RIGHT ON DOWN, twin! First thing, you get that hospital bag packed, and get the laundry done. Do not worry about making meals, that's what Keith and your mom and Beth are for...If I had just rested, the transition would have been easier for me! I was out shopping all day long with Tosh and her sis, went to lunch, packed up the rest of my bedroom and bathroom stuff (since we were moving) and finished hauling boxes around at 11 pm. I went into labor at midnight. Mason was born 10 days early, too. I wished I would have just chilled, so REST WHILE YOU CAN!!! I wish I was around to make the dessert for you neighbor, dinners for you, etc., etc. Boo....move back here!!!!

Em said...

Oh, and I didn't have a hospital bag packed, and managed to grab my toothbrush, and one other pair of pjs since I was already in my pjs. Don't stress yourself out!! I can't wait to see baby Remington--Keith will have to post pix on here ASAP, cuz we will all be dying to know what he looks like!!!!

Blue Ribbon Family aka The Pabst's said...

I wish I was there to help you! I know that feeling all to well of being overwhelmed with things needing to be done and feeling like there isnt enough time. Good luck!!!