Saturday, September 25, 2010


We agreed to go to Museum District Day and brave the crowds (CROWDS!) with friends to have some free kiddo fun. I avoid crowds like the plague, a trait given to me by my darling husband. We don't go shopping on the weekends, or to parks or pools. We enjoy attractions during the week when no one else is around. So going to a children's museum on not only the weekend but a free weekend seemed like complete madness to me, which it was. Scores of people lined up halfway around the block in the blazing sun. But what do you know, Remi had a blast! He has gotten a taste of independence and he loves it! Besides being a bit tired and having the tiniest breakdown when saw toys floating in the Flow Works water, we had a great time. He got to ride the elevator, play in a grocery store, play in the outdoor water feature, and play with an awesome train. Marshall was a dream and loved pushing buttons and especially watching brother Remi play. The only thing that could have made it betteris if Dada could have joined us!

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