Friday, September 3, 2010

Marshall Newsletter: Month 6

Dear Little Marshall,

Today you turn six months old.

You are our little steamroller. Heavy. Cylindrical. A solid mass of kid. You really do roll, by the way. It was something that came quite easily. I have no worries about motor skills. You are right on the precipice of sitting up and crawling as well.

You began eating solids this month. The recommended one serving per day of rice cereal only cut it for one day and we have been forced to include applesauce and homemade sweet potatoes to your repertoire. Oh! What a glorious exisitence you have led since then. Sweet potatoes are your manna from heaven. What a stark contrast from Remi's slow and deliberate ways of eating. You positively inhale any food that dares come near your mouth. Dada's first response to hearing this was, "Wow! we're going to have to watch that one's intake!"

You are a dramatic child. Everything exciting is EXCITING to you. Being alone in a crib is LONELY! And makes you want to WAIL! You turn up the VOLUME of the household by a million. You coo at ridiculously high decibel levels. Once you see Remi you get even louder. You still YELL! yourself to sleep practically every night. You certainly do not appreciate being ignored, and you expect to be entertained by whomever you share the room with.

Brother Remi and I took you on a trip to Utah this month. Your first set of airplane rides went nearly perfectly and you didn't even poop! You met many many family members for the first time. You were completely spoiled both by family members that wanted to hold you constantly and by me letting you sleep in bed with me every night! You came home with a small cold and were miserable company for days.

Since recovering, you have turned back into the smilely boy that we know and love! Still having the tiniest issue with naps but other than that, you are a go-with-the-flow kinda guy. We love you for it!



Sano Family said...

I love these newsletters!!! What a sweet rolly polly he is. I wish I could just pinch his chubby cheeks (on his face and elsewhere).
Happy 6 month birthday Marshall Man!!!

Candice@The Fellas and I said...

I think Jesus is checking out your mom.