Friday, September 10, 2010

Because he's two and a half...

I took Remi to Pete's Burger Place (our favorite little dive) to celebrate turning two and a half today. Marshall is part of the package deal so he came as well. It was so fun to have a Remi-date. To mark the occasion I want to highlight somethings about the past six months:
Remi has been such a joy since one of his molars broke through about a month ago.
He sleeps like a dream and he is always bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning.
He's been "real bowling" twice and he has a bowling set and goes bowling on the Wii.
His love for elevators and clocks has intensified.
He likes the moon.
Prefers a regular chair instead of a highchair now. If Keith is gone he points to the empty spot at the table and yells "Dada!"
He worries about my toes when I wear green nail polish.
He loves to sit in Daddy's helicopter.
Asks about Dada about ten times a day!
Discovered a love for swimming the day before the pool closed for the season.
Very good at helping me cook and plays pretend with the pots and pans.
Plays a game called "I have something for you" with clenched fists. We open his fists to discover a tickle!
Cries when forced to wear his Charlie Brown shirt (the one HE picked out)
LOVES brother Marshall.
Had a lovely visit to Utah and had many visitors come to Texas when Marsh was born.
Loves to help swipe my debit card at stores and pay at restaurants.
Can operate and play games on the Wii better than any grown-up. Especially likes to go to youtube and watch elevators, planes taking off or cuckoo clocks chiming. Plays bowling, sword fighting and bicycles like a champ.
Still hums a lot but with help is learning to speak. Despite that little hiccup, he is an excellent communicator.
Loves stickers as evidenced by the following pictures. He really likes the expensive scrap booking stickers!
He is an absolute delight and gives kisses and hugs to everyone in the family.
Posing with his first love: a clock.
Actually, I said "Say Cheese!" Not, "Say Please!"
Notice the little salt pile at the bottom left. He does that everywhere we go. He eats little grains throughout the meal. Yum.
Loves expensive stickers. I tell him 3 is the limit...see how well that goes over? He hides in my closet and frantically puts them on before I catch him.

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