Monday, December 17, 2007

Police Chase #2

So for the second time in a year, within a two block radius, I get stuck in the middle of a high speed police chase in the middle of a busy parking lot. The first time was almost a year ago. Keith and I had just moved into the new house and he had left for work the night before. I had gone to Jason's Deli to buy a veggie po' boy and was crossing the parking lot and turned to see a car coming straight for me. I was quite literally two feet away from getting hit not only once by the person being chased, but then again by the police car. Then this past weekend coming out of Salt Grass with Keith, Callie, Roger, and Frud, we were strolling to our car after a big dinner and heard shouting and screeching. People were yelling as a dark car was being chased through the PACKED parking lot by no less than 3 police cruisers. Honestly, that guy better have killed a family of ten to justify putting at least dozen of innocent bystanders at risk.
One thing is for sure, I have not moved that fast since I have been pregnant...

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Danny & Morgan said...

Wow that is scary! Is it dangerous where you live? I guess the Utah bubble keeps us all sheltered here!! I hope you stay safe! :)