Sunday, December 9, 2007

Galveston Find

Keith and I were cruising the strand in Galveston last night when we decided to pop into a used book store. The guy running was a complete stoner and could barely work the register, but we came across shelves and shelves of children's collectibles. These are the two we picked for now, and I can't help imagining stacks of old books on Remington's soon-to-be refurbished dresser.

While shopping we also came across a completely random parade. The parade didn't seem to serve any apparent purpose and lasted about 5 full minutes. Keith said it was the best parade he's ever been to. Featured an awesome school band, a 4 wheelin' beauty queen, Mardi Gras beads and these guys:Notice the lack of crowds. I think that is why Keith was so happy.

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The Legers said...

what kind of decor are you going to do in baby's room???? cute books!