Saturday, July 3, 2010

Marshall Newletter: Month Four

Dear Marshall,

Today you turn four months old!

Nicknames: Mister, Angry Kitten
You are a spunky little thing! You have decided many things for yourself this month. Firstly, you determined that a baby of your caliber no longer requires a pacifier unless it is of the thumb variety.
Secondly, you love to be a part of things. Whether it be sitting in your Bumbo during mealtimes, or hanging out on the couch with us when we watch TV, or even sitting in your bouncer in the bathroom while I get ready for the day, you always want to be included!
Thirdly, you love to talk and sing! You often yell yourself to sleep. It's not crying, just very loud talking. You will jibber jabber at anything with a face. You seriously talk more than Remi does.

You have abandoned need for your swing, my crutch. I have to do all the legwork to get you to sleep now. You love sprawling on the couch for naptime. I just moved you from the pack and play in the master bedroom to the crib in your room. I was worried at first, but you do great and sleep through the night pretty consistently.

You love your big brother and he loves you! Remi always kisses you goodnight and snuggles with you first thing in the morning. Remi gets worried if he thinks I'm leaving you behind when I put him in his carseat before I load you in. He often gasps when he hears you crying and I can pretty much trust him not to clobber you when he plays near you. He loves it when you get to lay in his crib. I hope you will be best buds.
You are a fatty! Wearing 9 month outfits and size 3 diapers!
We love you, nugget!

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Sano Family said...

Is there any way Katie can bring those adorable boys home with her. I am in desperate need of some baby boy squeezing!!! Soooo, soooo cute!!
I don't know how I missed reading this it is the 19th and I just found it.
Miss you guys. Love, hugs and kisses all around.
Mom Sano