Sunday, July 4, 2010

I Love a Parade!

The little ones and I braved the scorching heat and oppressive humidity to watch our small town 4th of July parade. Nothing fancy. Shriners, horses, bratty kids who think they can sing. No frills, but it has been our fun little tradition since Remi was born. They give out boatloads of candy, one huge incentive. This was Marshall's first parade, and we marked it by having him wear the same outfit Remi wore to his first parade. We got a great spot and met up with Remi's friend Sam. They did great waving their flags and catching candy. Trying to keep them cool was a nightmare, so we ended up bailing about 3/4 through. That evening we visited Callie's fam to do sparklers and ground blooms. Remi was not a fan, not in the least. Let's just say we won't be attending any big fireworks shows for a few years. He wouldn't even watch from my window our neighbor across the street light his roman candles. Funny, he loves seeing them on TV...

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