Friday, July 16, 2010


Oh, how we love when Aunt Katie comes for a visit. I think she has beaten all records when it comes to the frequency of her visits. Remi is her #1 fan. His face lights up with a smile every morning when he sees her and realizes she is still here.
We have been having a great time shopping, eating, shopping and playing Wii. Katie, the little ones and I made a special trip to the newly opened Sprinkles Houston. An over-priced yet delicious little place to satisfy your cupcake cravings. We were worried that we would have to wait in crazy lines, but 5 minutes later we walked away with 8 cupcakes, two of which were free because we whispered the secret word provided by Facebook (and you thought FB was a worthless waste of time!)

My favorite was the carrot cupcake
Remi liked the counter better than anything else.
Time-out for a cute pic! Marshall is NOT eating the lollipop, this picture is just deceiving.
Remi has been obsessed with bowling on Wii Sports Resort, which is actually quite dull, so we decided to take him "real bowling." Our boy was in 7th heaven! We set up bumpers and he used a ramp to bowl. Remi was so good at taking turns and cheering us on. He looked great in these little kicks:
Showing off his ramp skills:
We won't be world champs anytime soon...
How did I let a toddler beat me?
Two thumbs up for bowling!
Just a side note: Katie got a kick out of dressing Remi in 12 mo girls pants. Just a cool dude following the fashion trends.
I swear Remi owns shirts, but it's HOT here!
I don't know if I really need to explain the following pictures...Keith loves to cook and he'll try anything once. He claimed he wanted to make Kaite a special dinner while she was here. But he obviously had some selfish motives when it came to preparing this Salt Crusted Prime Rib. He and Katie battled Houston rush hour traffic to pick up this chunk at a specialty meat market (who in their right mind travels 50 miles round trip for meat???) Keith made dinner while we watched the world cup. Needless to say he was quite satisfied with the results.
Ta Da!

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