Sunday, January 25, 2009

No ZZZ for mama or child.

We have been having a rough week. I've been sick with a nasty cold and Rems has forgotten how to sleep. He wakes up about midnight and stays awake anywhere from two to four in the morning. Crying it out, feeding, bouncing, music. Nothing seems to work. It seems after all that, he is trying to tell me he'll go to sleep when he is good and ready. It is such a strange contrast from the sweet little baby that would kick and smile when I put him down for the night, then fall asleep without another peep. The only relief I have been able to look forward to is Keith! He has taken Rems down for breakfast and playtime everyday this week so that I can rest and catch up on my z's. He is my knight in shining black T-shirt!

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em said...

ha ha..knight in shining t-shirt...hilarious! But WHY is Rem not sleeping??? You may have to let him cry-it-out....??? So sorry you are having a rough week there...hope you get over your cold (Mason has one right now too) ;( and hope that that little Remy-toe (my fav nickname) will start sleeping for you!!!