Monday, January 26, 2009

Keith's Project Du Jour

Keith has been waiting, wishing, no...aching to build an entertainment wall framed around his beloved new flat panel TV. This particular project is stage two of the grand plan, the first being mounting the TV on the brick. The next being cabinets to hide our electronics. He framed our fireplace surround using molding, our existing mantle and some detailed trim. Here is the process:
Before. No frills:
Hanging the cross piece. Painted with an oil based paint. The cords will be hidden behind this:Framing the surround:Almost ready for some finishing touches:Done!
Details, details.
Keith did such a great job on this project. Once he got going it only took two days to complete (after arguing over design details for two weeks.) This is the first time I have given him a strict budget for a project. Because let's face it, we all know how much mischief a man can get into at Lowe's. I don't think he was entirely thrilled, but he actually managed to come in just about $10 over budget. Hooray for handyman Keith!

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em said...

Wow, looks amazing, you little handyman!! ;)