Sunday, May 13, 2012

A New Love?

Keith here. Just a little update on my goings on. With great reluctance, I gave up my 407 in Galveston, TX to upgrade aircraft. I am still with the same company, I didn't quit PHI. I just gave up the Galveston job. I am in training for a month at Flight Safety in Louisiana. So far, I am most impressed. I am training in the S76 C++ for all you aviation nerds. It is a pretty sexy, sleek twin engine, IFR bird with lots of bells and whistles. It can hold 12 passengers and 2 pilots.
The only hard part is learning what all the buttons do.
So far, the training has been great. The instructors at Flight Safety are top notch and the full motion simulator is fantastic. It allows us to do a lot of training that would be impossible in the real aircraft, especially with emergency procedures. I googled some pics of the simulator. Sim External

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