Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sad Sanos

Today has been an emotionally trying one in our little Sano world. We had to say goodbye to our puppy children, the fine gentleman, Baxter and Niles. We held onto them for as long as we could after moving back to Utah, but our timeline for future plans hasn't matched up with our hopes and our situation.
Keith and I left the human kids in the capable hands of Aunt Katie while we drove them down to the Humane Society of Utah. While it's not ideal to take them to a shelter, we tried listing them privately and only weirdos replied. The Humane Society requires pages of paperwork asking about medical history, behavior, food and toy preferences, what kind of people and dogs they like, how they do with children, etc.
The pups were perfect for the ride down, alternating between my lap and Keith's, almost giving us equal attention so we could pet them and give them itchy-scratchies one last time. Niles kept looking over his shoulder and starting at me, doing his usual look into my soul eyes. Even though I was bawling like a baby, when we arrived I really wanted to go in with Keith so we could finish what we started together. The clerk was very kind and treated us well, being gentle and kind as she took the dogs from us.
We hope someone finds them to give them the home they really deserve. As Keith pointed out this morning, we really are their worst case scenario.
End of an era. Heartsick. 5 years, 3 states and lots of fun together. I'm grateful for my little companions, the source of much joy and laughter.

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