Monday, March 5, 2012

Obviously awful... blogging, among other things.

Since my last post, here are a couple of highlight and lowlights from the last couple of weeks:

They played in the snow. They, not me. Let's face it, I'm not as hearty as previously thought. I wanted to stay warm and dry!

We have made several trips to "the farm" and we hope to get the ball rolling soon on our country home.

Remi has taken up coloring. Something he has never really been interested in doing until now. He loves to draw elevators and write his name. He loves for us to draw trains. Actually, a Remi train, which apparently looks a lot like the Frontrunner, can go both "front ways and back ways, has 3 levels, and is red and white and bule (yes, bule.)"

My sister, mom and I drove to Arizona for the funeral of a family member. I took the camera, but the occasion didn't really call for a lot of photos. I did catch this lovely on the drive.

While in AZ, this is one of the only pictures I snapped, a candid moment with a rare grouping of great people.

And there was Mom off taking pictures is her uniform. White v-neck.

Marshall spent a lot of time eating. Breakfast almost always consists of cottage cheese and apple juice. Then he asks for seconds. Remi, on the other hand, starts off each and every morning saying, "me no want anyfing. My tummy not hungry."

We met up with cousin Bridget and Bomb-Bomb to play at the park. That boy knows something and he's not talking!

Woke up earlier than usual one morning to find this lovely scene outside my window.

Scoot down the hill, never roll.

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