Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My tuba

I love this boy. He makes me laugh everyday.
He is doing really well in preschool. Always excited to go and leaves me sniffling in the dust. Even earned a free dinner out for his hard work in speech.
He is sharing more willingly with brother. They love to wrestle around on the floor.
He is trying really hard to potty train. We're taking it slow. He has become a champion hand washer. "Scrub. Fingers. Top. Other top. Rinse."
He calls his potty stool his "tuba." Don't ask me where he got that.
He knows his letters.
He even started singing the alphabet with me (he has hated singing up to this point.)
Whenever I type his name on my new phone it calls him "Remix"
I love this boy!

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