Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Coke Tasting

While browsing through the Coke store in Vegas we noticed tables in the cafe stacked high with trays holding lovely sorts of carbonated beverages. We figured it must be the sampler "Tastes of the World." We had to try it! You get 16 cups of soda for about $8 with a guide (reminiscent of a box of chocolates) showing which drink corresponded with each number. Stacked two trays high, it can be a bit intimidating and the amount of soda you get is really better suited for 4 or more people, the two of us didn't stand a chance of finishing even one drink.
The first tray was pretty tame. We found ourselves enjoying the Vegitabeta from Japan the very best.
Tray Two had a few hidden surprises. Some were just flavored iced tea, one tasted very strongly of Listerine, but the WORST by a long shot was Beverly from Italy. Went down like seltzer water but with the most horrid aftertaste imaginable! Like a pound of anise being shoved down your throat. And I do not exaggerate.

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