Friday, July 29, 2011

Grand Tetons

And boy, are they grand! Please excuse my unorganized photo essay while I gather my thoughts! I can't wait to go back!
The jerky man, who parks his trailer literally in the middle of nowhere on the Idaho/Wyoming border. He was positively smitten with my MIL and asked if she was a "hugger!"
This is the lovely view driving towards Grand Teton National Park's via Moran.

For some reason this is one of the only group photos I have. This was taken on our short hike to Swan Lake by way of Jackson Lake.
Remi got too tired to finish.
Simply stunning!

To my great displeasure, we discovered at 4am that Marshall doesn't like camping in the cold. He cried at the top of his lungs for about 20 minutes and then settled in my arms for the next 4 hours.
How can something so sweet be so wicked???
On the bright side we got to see these young bucks walking through the camp at 6am a first for me!

The majestic Lewis Falls, set back from the road. About 11 miles north of Yellowstone's south entrance.

Bubba and Katie taking our rented canoe out on it's maiden voyage. I highly recommend a peaceful day on String Lake!

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