Tuesday, June 7, 2011

While I'm Young

Calling to wish me a happy birthday over the weekend, Keith commented that now I'm an old lady. But wait! I'm only 29, which in my mind means that I won't be old for another year.
I once read a blog where a recent 29 year old resolved to reach 30 goals before she turned 30. Goals like growing a vegetable garden and going on more family outings. I wanted to do something similar and was looking for inspiration when I came across this website: Conkerr Cancer
I've already made my first pillowcase to donate and I want 12 of my 30 goals to include service or volunteering. I'm still formulating ideas and I think I'll spend another week or so finalizing my goal list.

Hopefully my little fellas will give me a chance to achieve 30 goals in the next year!


Whirly Wife said...

This is a wonderful plan I have faith in you obtaining your 30 goals. Also awesome website for Conkerr Cancer. Thank you for sharing!

cory said...

Hi Candice! You're amazing! Happy Birthday! Hey- does Keith get Cody's email from Russia? I think he'd enjoy it! It's pretty cool that they have both served in the same area of the world! Send me your email if you want to be added to the list- stephanieamr@hotmail.com
Stephanie Clawson