Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Marshall Newsletter: Eight Months

Dear Marshall,

Today you turn eight months old.

The most significant event this month was the surgery to fix your tongue. You were a trooper baby, but you made mama worry like crazy! It was not a tough decision to fix your tongue. Coping with the decision to put you under was the hard part! I kept thinking, "What if the little boy I love changes after anesthesia for some reason?" I didn't want to cause you unnecessary harm or discomfort. Here we are a week later and while you are still healing, I think you are recovering beautifully.

What a squirmy, chatty guy you have become! You are getting the hang of army crawling and rolling to get where you want to go. You love to play with things that will hurt you, like Remi's wooden train tracks or Baxter's face. You LOVE Daddy and all the giggles he's able to get out of you. No Dada is face around you! You love to slap his bare head, pull his chest hair, and scratch any tender skin left unprotected.

You are completely obsessed with Remington. You cannot eat, play or do anything else without watching him like a hawk to see what his next move will be. Sometimes Remi is a little too rough and tackles you or smacks you in the face, but you are very quick to forgive and you love brother's kisses.

You had visitors this month. Mama SheShe and Papa Gaga brought the kids to Texas for a little trip. It was fun for you to be held by so many different people. We went all over Houston and you hardly gave us any trouble.

You are, therefore you eat. A lot. You scream at anyone that is eating and not sharing with you and this month you tried mint chocolate chip ice cream, potato soup and you stuck your fist in my bowl of minestrone. You eat normal baby food too like bananas, sweet potatoes, broccoli, butternut squash, applesauce, and lentil mush. Yum.

Your sleeping habits are a bit out of whack. Sometimes you refuse to nap ALL DAY LONG. Do you have any idea how that is for the rest of us??? Well, I guess you'll find out in 30 years when you have your own kids. Other times you sleep for an hour in the morning, and then at 20 minute intervals here and there. At night you are a pretty solid sleeper. Your favorite thing is to wake up at five for breakfast and
then snuggle and snooze until Remi wakes up.

Did I mention your violent streak? These bruises should be proof enough! Let's just say you are an intense eater...You really like to beat up my right arm...

No matter...

I'm still desperately in love with you.


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