Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Lovely Lad

Only some of you will get the obscure Spinal Tap reference, but that's okay.

I'm missing Keith and I always think fondly of him when he is gone.
It was amazing to see him interact with friends and my family over the holidays. He has such a magnetic personality. I love to watch as people of all ages and backgrounds are drawn to him. Even animals adore him on sight. When he is home, the fellas want nothing to do with me.
The neighbors invite him to go kayaking and bring him southern style brisket and when Keith works in the yard everyone stops to talk to him. It is a guarantee that both next door neighbors will pop their heads over the fence to say hi every time he is in the backyard. I love that his gruff exterior doesn't fool people!
He was even nice enough to come up with the idea of adding my mom to our cell phone plan, so she can call all her kids for free. He even insisted on getting her a pink Razr so she can be a 'hot mama.'
On Thanksgiving he had me make an extra pumpkin pie to take to the crazy old neighbor that everyone avoids like the plague.
Not only is Keith great to other people, but he is especially great to me. If he had a penny for every time he opened my car door, he would have many pennies. This post might embarass you shmoo, but I had to say it!

I just love you so!

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The Legers said...

oh, how sweet, and true, too! Keef is one-of-a-kind, and truly has a magnetic personality! You've got a great hubby, and he is lucky to have you too! : )