Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Little Remi

Thoughts and reflections about my little boy have been running through my mind today. I don't want to forget them

He is surprisingly obedient, except when it comes to not harassing little brother.
He never runs off in public, always asking in his way if he can venture a bit further.
He is cautious and follows directions incredibly well in parking lots and crowded places.
He gets embarrassed easily and doesn't usually want to be the center of attention.
He is observant, noticing when I miss a turn while driving and responding with a "Whips!" (Whoops!), noticing when something is out of place, noticing when I close the garage when I had previously promised that he could do it.
He has never thrown a tantrum in the store over a toy or candy.
He has an amazing sense of direction. Wherever we happen to be he can point to home and Mama She-she's house.
The things that delight him make me laugh. He squeals with a delighted "ma MA!" every time we pass the bowling alley, Taco Time, McDonald's, or any two or more story building that might have an elevator.
Yes, elevators. DING!
He has taken to playing pretend elevator in any enclosed space, making others play pretend elevator, watching youtube videos of people filming themselves riding on elevators, guessing which buildings we drive past might have elevators by repeating "Ding, Ding, DING!" until someone acknowledges him, hoarding toys that have elevators (we have at least 7 or 8) and he LOVES riding on an elevator. He gasps and shrieks with glee as each level is met with a chime or bong. He even knows proper elevator etiquette.
He loves counting and the alphabet.
He hates being hot. I catch him turning over his pillow to get the cool side and kicking off his blankets and sheets when he's in bed.
I let him have a say in what clothes we buy for him. I think he appreciates that I respect his opinion.
I see him maturing before my eyes, even though his language is so limited. He and I have a perfect understanding between the two of us that it makes it difficult to see outside our little world. I'm never quite sure if I'm helping or hindering his progress, but for now I love the special bond that we share. His new words as of the last few weeks are: home, big, in, me, you, Dan-dan (Danielle,) walk, car, sit,
His first independent sentence: "I want you in." Trying to get me to move so he could shut a door and the same day saying "I want Dee-dee," when we pulled up to Mama She-she's house and he wanted to go inside.

I love this little boy so much. I love to see him grow.

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