Monday, December 20, 2010

A Boy and a Truck

Remi has a sudden obsession with garbage trucks since seeing Toy Story 3. I remember seeing the merchandise for the movie and one particular item was a WM garbage truck with Lotso Huggin' Bear strapped to the front.
I thought, "How stupid! Who would ever buy their kid a garbage truck?"

Well, apparantly I am the stupid one!

Remi took one look at this toy at Kohl's and fell in love! Luckily for him, I had a $10 gift card a got the darn thing. He has insisted on taking this truck nearly everywhere he goes, even to bed! He gasps when he hears the WM truck rumbling down our street twice a week, delights when he sees the garbage men on their lunch break at the gas station, and last week we even waited outside as the men came down the street with their big, orange barrels. The truck driver was kind enough to wave to us, and we waved and waved until he was out of sight. Now Remi tries to find any excuse to take things to the outside trash and he tries to pull the can out to the curb. He doesn't usually get very far. We can't wait for the next garbage day!

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