Monday, August 2, 2010

Marshall Newletter: Month Five

Mr. Marshall, Marshy, Brother

Today you turn five months old.

What happened to my little helpless nugget? You have grown into what seems like an indestructible tank of a baby! Wearing size 3 diapers and tipping the scale at 17+lbs! Already wearing 12 mo outfits and trying to sit up like a big boy!

Marshall, you are a ham! You love to smile at our little family, you even smile at the dogs. You love brother Remi to bits. You take baths with him and help tuck him in at night, and he in turn wakes you up in the morning with a smile, holds your hand in the car, and NEVER complains when you cry! He actually gasps instead because he is worried about you. He tries to carry your carseat out to the car because he worries I'll leave you behind. When we talk about elevator rides (which is everyday) he points at you because he wants to include you in his favorite activity. Remi loves to shake your hand and give you little kisses on the cheek. What a pair!!! Seeing the love you already have for each other warms the deepest corners of my heart.

You are the king of babbling. You talk and almost yell yourself to sleep, talk when you are alone in bed, talk in the car, talk over my talking. Many times during phonecalls Daddy has to tell me to call him back because you are too loud in the background.

This month has been a month of firsts for you. First time attending a parade, first time at the swimming pool, first time shopping with me at the outlets all day, first time getting portraits taken (you were an angel,) first mosquito bite (back of your head,) first time pooping all over me (at the outlets!)

Your personality is shining through and you are quite the giggler. Well, it is more of a choked scream right now, but every now and then when we tickle you we get a belly laugh. You love to play "puh-choo!" Where we squeak "puh-choo!" every time we throw you in the air. Lame, I know but it makes everyone laugh.

You aren't the best napper, but sometimes that is okay. You are such a pleasant presence in my life that it doesn't matter. You are content to sit and watch me do dishes, no matter how tired. It is SO much better than having to sit in your crib all alone! The best indicator that you can't stay up another minute is that the whites of your eyes turn pink. At that point I am 100% sure I can get you to sleep in five minutes flat. Even though you don't like the whole napping thing, you are a champion night sleeper! I can almost guarantee a good 12 hours of sleep from you every night, and I love you for it. Our days our so lovely when everyone gets good sleep!

Other things you love: eating, sitting in your saucer or bumbo, playing with your "flutterfly," sucking on your thumb or pointer finger, singing "swimming in the bubbles" during bathtime,
For memory sake: no teeth, not sick this month, not eating solids yet, never had a bottle, you scratched your face up quite a bit when I made you nap, Auntie Katie came for two weeks and helped bounce you to sleep on numerous occasions, she even brought you your first pair of shoes, you still have beautiful, soft baby skin, your fat rolls have fat rolls

Keep up the good work, kid!

Love you to bits!

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