Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Extreme Obsession

Remi is a sick little boy. Sick with elevator fever. This condition causes him to be overly obsessed with elevators, anything with buttons, anything that goes up and down and has doors that open. When I take Remi to the mall for storytime, he will screech until I take him to the mystical glass portal that will undoubtedly take him to the second floor. Folks, he knows where every single elevator is in that blasted mall. If he ever got lost in there I would know exactly where to find him. When Keith took us to Ikea for my belated Mother's Day celebration, Remi cried and caused a fuss because he only got two elevator rides, which then quickly became four.

The plus side of all of this is that Remi is learning elevator etiquette. He politely waits until all riders have exited before he boards, and he has even taken cues from his Dada and holds the doors for anyone that wants to take a ride. That kid is so darn observant it frightens me.

Anyway, I'm rambling. This fever tends to spread. The other morning was spent talking about elevators. Well, Remi doesn't he motions with his finger up and down. Whenever we say the word "mall" he will do the same motion, because that is the home of the elevator he loves the most.

It led me to create this:

Here Remi uses the universal motion for "elevator"
The whole family on an elevator ride. It's taped to the fridge and equipped with sliding doors and everything!

Keith wanted in on the action and he wanted to out-do me as a parent so he created this:
A functioning elevator made with legos, a piece of tuperware, twine and a Little People Noah. The Boy must have played with it for an entire hour before it started to bore him, but he ended up going back to it several times to play with later.


Sano Family said...

What a hoot you guys are! I love the creative arts & CRAFTS all in an effort to entertain your darling son.
Love and miss you all.
Mom Sano

em said...

you two crack me up, i love that you made remi some fake elevators--u guys r awesome + remi better appreciate your hard work!haha